3D design

It’s important to be able to translate sales ideas from the computer to the store shelf, or from working drawing to 3-D product prototype. It’s not as simple as being able to model in a 3-D design application or render a perspective on a drawing board. Each is a world unto itself.

Creative Process designers are immersed in both 3-D worlds, physical and virtual. This means the marketer can bring a singular vision to bear on their communications in a top-down strategic plan that covers every detail from product prototype to vehicle livery to lapel pins, and other physical items that enter into the marketing plan.

While any firm can subcontract specialized talent Creative Process designers are the specialized talent they subcontract to. If it is three dimensional or needs three dimensions to be translated to a two dimensional environment like product brochures or advertising, Creative Process has the talent, experience, know-how and software. Design for success. Creative Process bridges the virtual and physical worlds, integrated communications designed to meet your marketing needs.

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