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Video on the web is the media. The nature of the internet allows business to iterate products and services and fine-tune their offer to the response of the market - real-time metrics from social media are the real-life example of the parable that you can’t wade in the same river twice,- the social network consumes ephemera and demands more. This means business needs to be quick and light in order to feed the appetite and stay in front of the consumers’ eyes. It also means that creativity is demanded to imagine solutions that will leverage the communications budget most efficiently - what’s the big idea? And business that hesitates is lost.

When your budget is amortized over twelve months of content creation then old-school creative thinking using practical devices is the efficient solution. Technical challenges have resulted in an explosion of software and hardware innovation in the RGB audio-visual arena. The hardware all runs proprietary software: iOS and Android the gorillas, and different environments demand entirely different production techniques.

Integrated communications, agile development workflow, state-of-the-art software, big picture view of business problems? The answer is Creative Process.

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